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Wave Gotik Treffen or WGT (pronounced Ve Ge Te) takes place over the Whitsun (or Pfingsten) weekend in
Leipzig Germany. It could be said that WGT is the biggest and best gothic festival anywhere in the World (it
certainly trumps any other festival that I have attended). This website is my unofficial guide to the festival, it
should help you get to Germany and Leipzig and help you get the most out of the festival. This website is
update throughout the year, but for up to date announcements and information please join the supporting Facebook Group (click on the link above).

The dates for WGT change from year to year as Whitsun (also known as Pentecost in the Christian
calendar) occurs seven weeks (50 days) after Easter, however the date will always fall between the 10th
May and the 13th June. It is also worth noting that the dates do not always coincide with Whitsun in the UK
or other nations due to the way in which Eastern and Western Christian calendars are calculated.
The festival takes place in Germany however there are always attendees from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Holland,
Belgium, France, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and just about every other nation with a alternative subculture.
Essentially over 220 bands will play at 24+ venues across the city. Your mission (should you choose to except it) is to see as many
bands as possible whilst travelling the length and breadth of Leipzig. There is never enough time to see and do everything, and for sure
you will be total exhausted at the end of  the four days, but totally happy and adamant that you will come back.

WGT is truly the 'Centre' of the Goth World, everybody in the scene should go at least once, although once you have been you will catch
the bug and you will keep on coming back, there is nothing else like it.

There are many reasons to go to WGT, but most people will be drawn by the huge list of bands that play. All music genres of the Goth
world will play at the festival, from Trad Goth to EBM, from Goth Metal to Neo-Folk and from Medieval to Powernoise (plus there are
always Classical and Opera shows to watch as well as free museums and exhibitions). You will get the chance to see large Headliner
bands down at the Agra to small unknown bands in some of the minor venues around the city. Its also worth noting that bands from all
the corners of the world will play at the festival, however if you don't know any of the band or if watching bands is not your thing then don't
worry you still have shopping, clubbing and some wonderful sightseeing that should keep you more than occupied.

It’s quite hard to describe the feeling of the festival, it has a fabulous laid back atmosphere, and it’s not intimate like many of the UK
festivals, although many of the venues are. I guess that's because there are so many ways to experience the festival that everybody will
find some way to enjoy themselves. The multinational nature of the festival adds huge amounts of enjoyment to the weekend. Knowing
that people have travelled from across the world to be here is very special. No other festival seems to encapsulate this in the same way
that WGT does. Eating outside the Agra is like eating at the United Nations, the languages and accents are from just about every corner
Of course the majority of people that you encounter will be German, but not just from Leipzig, like you most will have travelled many
miles to get to Leipzig. At the railway station (Hauptbahnhof) you will encounter a sea of black dressed people prior to the festival
starting, making you feel at home and safe from the moment you arrive. Leipzig itself is a wonderful City, just walking around the city is
most enjoyable, and most of the people in black are truly friendly, if you can’t find something, just ask, the chances are that they will
speak some English (or answer you with a broad American accent). And just to note that I have yet to see any trouble in the thirteen
years that I have attended, in any festival location.

You may not believe it but as far as the festival goes I must admit that I am no authority (although I have heard people call me the
VeGeTe Oracle!). I am from the UK, so there is a slight British slant to the information on this site and my writings. The festival morphs
each year so this website can only ever be as up to dates as the last festival, therefore you may find that some of the information on this
website is out of date, however I have tried to give an honest and realistic explanation of my own experiences or from people that I know
who may have a greater understanding of certain aspects of the festival. I have no connection with the organisers (although I do help to
moderate the official WGT website forum) and this site is not for profit, there are no adverts on, and all costs are borne by me.

Many people ask and email me about WGT (normally as they have yet to attend) and my one real piece of advice is always to 'Plan Well',
there is so much to do and see, and not really that much time. You should plan early too (if you have the chance), from how you get to
Leipzig, to what you take and what bands you want to see, especially if you want to see certain bands. Many people find themselves
shopping all day and give themselves no time to see bands, that or you turn up for a band and find it packed and that you cant get in to
the venue (a semi regular occurrence). You need to set your priorities and plan the rest of the trip around them. You can always bank on
public transport being slower than you thought and more packed. Getting in to see popular bands is always difficult, even at the Agra,
the largest festival venue. Get there early and remember Germans don't really queue. However don’t let me put you off by all this, you
will have an excellent time, and guaranteed you will want to come back next year.

NOTE: Whitsun is a Christian festival which originated from the pagan celebration (Beltane) of Summer's Day or the beginning of the
Summer half-year in Europe. Apparently Christians commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples.

The simple answer is that I purchased the domain name (to go with my web synonym) and at about the same time started a twenty
page booklet guide to WGT that was available on various forum website...after a year or so I simply uploaded the booklet to my still
unused website domain to make life a bit easier for those wanting more info on WGT, the rest so they say is history.

OK so its quite a big site, there is loads of info on the Festival and Leipzig,
  • If you have never been before can I suggest you check out the Planning your Trip and Getting to Leipzig pages.
  • You will find a list of 80 hotels in Leipzig on the Leipzig Hotels page.
  • If you are looking for more information on the Festival check out the WGT Festival pages for ticket, venue information and
    locations plus band photos and reviews from previous WGTs (there is also a page for the Pre-WGT Meeting that we arrange for
    the Thursday evening before WGT starts).
  • If you are after a hotel or info on camping check out the Planning your Trip section where you can find info on 50 hotels.
  • If you have never taken the time to really look around Leipzig then you should check out the Leipzig section that details tourist
    sites around the city and things to do.
  • Additionally you can find numerous links on the Links page

My thanks to all those people that must spend so much time organising the festival. Keep up the good work, see you all in Leipzig.
Thanks to all those that have donated information, keep it coming. I hope this website helps you, See you in Leipzig!

Mark (aka Sadgoth)
                                                                    Leipzig is located to the East of Germany, and South of Berlin
WGT Dates for
forthcoming years
2017        2nd - 5th June
2018        18th - 21st May
2019        7th - 10th June
2020        29th - 1st June

Bands Confirmed
March 2017

Tickets on Sale
March 2017

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90 Miles / 145 KM
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THE NEXT WGT WILL TAKE PLACE BETWEEN 2nd and 5th of JUNE 2017 (26th Edition)