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So you want to go to the next WGT, then there are a few things you need to think about before you go. Depending on how close it is to
the next WGT will depend on what you really need to do and how quickly you need to do it by. However a general rule would be to book
accommodation then arrange your travel details. This will ensure you have a place to stay when you get to Leipzig.

Planning your Trip will largely depend on your starting location country of origin and your available budget...give yourself an upper limit
for what you want to spend and try to stick to it, else the total cost can quickly spiral out of control.

  1. Do your research via this and other websites / forums.
  2. Decide on how much you want or can spend on your WGT trip.
  3. Decide on what type of accommodation you want to stay in (Hotel, Hostel, Pension or camping).
  4. Reserve or book a room.
  5. Think about what you want to take to WGT and how much it will weigh.
  6. Decide how you will get to Leipzig (Plane, Train or Automobile).
  7. If you are flying, decide where to (Direct to Leipzig or via Berlin).
  8. Book an airline with the correct luggage allowance.
  9. If you are flying into Berlin, pre book your train ticket to get you to Leipzig

The first thing to do is research Leipzig and the WGT Festival, as you are reading this I will presume you have thought about this and
have found one of the best guides to WGT...there are others.

Work out how much you want to spend, its is so very easy to overspend and then ruin your trip (normally once you get the bill when you
are back home). Set your budget and try to stick to it.

Now for the doing, sort out your accommodation. You have a number of choices you can stay in a Hotel, an Apartment, a Pension*
(B&B), a Hostel or you can Camp. I have no experience of camping in Leipzig, I’m far too old for that, but I know others that have camped
and I will quote from their experiences, see the page on
Camping for more details.

* Pensions (guest rooms) are accommodations of private landlords, particularly in tourism regions. A pension is usually a private
house, by which some rooms are rented regularly for overnight accommodation. Since pensions usually have no own kitchen, there is
usually only breakfast. They are equipped usually lower-priced than hotels and substantially more simple. Services of all kinds are
reduced to room cleaning only. The prices for an overnight accommodation generally range from between 20 and 50 Euro for a room
(although the actual cost will be dependent on the location and room size/grade).

If you decide to stay in a hotel then you have two things to consider before you book, location and cost, although the location will drive
the cost, central Leipzig will be the most expensive and the best place to stay. I have listed 80 Hotels on the
Leipzig Hotels page
(although more are opened each year).

If you decide to stay in a Hotel I advise you to book early, up to a year in advance (it’s free to reserve a room (in most cases) and you can
always cancel a week or two before the event if you can’t actually make it). The best place to book your hotel is on the Internet. There
area a multitude of websites where you can book hotels, however Hotel comparisons sites will provide you with the best deals normally
such as Trivago. Apartments are a way of getting a little more freedom for a lower cost you can also stay with friends and cook for
yourself should you wish. Most apartments tend to be a little further away from the centre of the city in residential parts of the city, Airbnb
is probably the best site to use to book an apartment. As for Pensions, these can be located via Google, they are dotted across the city
and tend to be cheap (note the owners will probably not speak English and there maybe restrictions on when you can come and go)

My personal advice is to stay at the Pentahotel Leipzig because this is where the majority of the bands will stay and it’s interesting to
hang around downstairs in the lobby bar and people (band) watch, however it can be very expensive. Alternative Hotels that I have used
are the Seaside Park Hotel (4 star) or the Westin (4 star) if you have less budget then I would go with Motel One (3 star) or even the Ibis
(2 star). There are loads of Hotels in Leipzig primary because Leipzig is a conference city and holds many events each year. The best
location for hotels is around the Train Station / Hauptbahnhof and the city centre; this is the most central location for all the WGT venues
and also the best place to jump on board the Trams. If you have the money then the only place to stay is the Steigenberger the best
hotel in the City, but expect to pay over £1000 for WGT.

Hotel Prices vary from year to year; in 2006 Leipzig was one of the Host Cities for the World Cup and prices went up, and seem to have
stayed up. There can be a number of other festivals taking place in Leipzig over the same weekend, these inflate the cost of hotel
rooms esp as they tend to cater to wider more affluent customer (if WGT clashes with the Bach Fest, Wagner Fest or even the Leipzig
Fest then prices will be high and rooms will sell out very quickly). If you are reading this after January then I would suggest that you need
to book very quickly, and then you may struggle to find a room in the centre of Leipzig. If its later than January I would suggest that you
will be staying in a hotel outside of the City Centre, or paying a premium price (or you can gamble, the official WGT forum and the Facebook page will have offers of accommodation quite late in the year as people who have previously booked hand back
their rooms, these can be transferred to you for no cost, and they are often at the lower rate as they were booked early, however I would
also book a room you can hand back, just in case non of these present themselves or you are unlucky transferring them).

If you decide to Camp then you will need to get yourself down to the Agra Messepark. This is the main location of the Festival and also
the location of the camp site. I advise getting to the camp site as early as you can on the Thursday, it’s going to fill up very quickly and all
the prime sites will go very quickly. There is enough room for thousands of tents so the later you turn up the further you will have to walk
across fields. If it rains you’re going to get muddy, the campsite is known to flood (in places). Security seems to be present around the
camp site and you must have a different colour armband to enter the campsite. Toilets are portaloo/dixie style and are scattered around
the site.  There are also some showers that cost a few Euro's to use, however you will need to get there early to get hot water and avoid
the long queues. If you are camping you are permitted to take food and drink on to the Agra site, however NO Glass is allowed on site,
and it will be removed from you. It is also advisable to ensure that your tent pegs are firmly buried as people will be wandering around
late at night in the dark, drunk and the last thing you want is for somebody to fall over on your tent (especially if you are asleep), take ear
plugs too if you actually want some sleep.

If you decide to stay in a Hotel, simply book one that does not require a deposit.  Its free to book most hotels (although you normally
need to confirm your identity with a credit card) and so long as you inform the hotel within a few days of WGT that you cannot make it you
wont get charged. NOTE: You can opt to book and pay for a Hotel now if you are 100% sure that you are going, this may save you quite a
bit of money (personally I have saved just under £200 in by booking and paying 6 months before WGT).

If you decide to camp then you simply have to wait till tickets go on sale (via the official WGT website) and then purchase the 'Obsorge'
ticket, this is the camping WGT ticket and it gives you the same access to the festival but also allows you access to the camping site.

So you have decided where you’re going to stay, the next thing to do is decide is what you are going to take with you (it may seem
stupidly early, however you need to seriously think about this, it could cost you lots of money if you take too much. Plan well). Decide on
what you want to take to Leipzig before you book your flight. If you have heavy stuff to take over then don’t book a budget airline, Ryan Air
has a limit of 15kg whilst Easyjet and Air Berlin both have limits of 20kgs (if you are flying from the UK). It may seem silly but if you pack
a pair of New Rocks then you have just lost 6kgs of your weight, added with the actual weight of your suitcase (normally about 6kgs) it
can all add up to your total baggage allowance. We have heard stories of people being charged €100 for extra baggage, and that’s one
way (and only adds up to a few extra kilograms). Also remember that if you go shopping you will need some space to pack the added
weight. I have also noted that many airlines now have a maximum suitcase weight of 23kgs (due to health and safety concerns of those
that have to load the aircraft).

I advise taking a suitable suitcase (preferably an upright one with a decent handle that extends. You may need to haul it from the airport
to the train station if you go via Berlin, and then from the train station to your hotel. Can it handle cobble stones?). Think about what you
want to take, outfits, boots, toiletries etc, don’t take ten outfits when you may only need five (you will find that most people go out at lunch
time all dressed up and don't come back to the hotel). If you can get away with one pair of boots don’t take any more (its common sense
really, but some of the things we have seen proves that not everybody thinks about this important factor). Wear all your heaviest clothes;
you can always take them off once you have checked in at the airport. Take a rucksack as hand luggage but try to keep it empty, this will
be your shopping space on the return flight.

I also advise taking a different pair of shoes or boots, 'Treffen Foot' sets in after a few days and your feet will ache like mad (after
standing, dancing on concrete for a few days)...Its quite common for a variety of non goth boots/shoes to appear on feet on the Monday
of WGT (apart from providing some comedy value its vital to remember to have additional shoes to wear when you don't need your
biggest meanest goth boots, its that or end up with very sore feet, blisters and a longing to sit down whenever you can).

If you want to attend the Victorian Picnic or wear ball gowns then you are going to need extra space, it therefore may make more sense
to book a non budget airline such as British Airways or to drive and take as much clothes as you want. Personally at WGT I go for
comfort, the days are long and I want to be able to sit down anywhere so its leather trousers and some form of long sleeve t-shirt for
me, normally with an extra layer in my rucksack for the evening when it can get a bit chilly.

You will find information about the various options about getting to Leipzig here

OF ABOUT £1000
  • First, I would read this site well and join the various WGT related forums and message boards.
  • Second, I would book a hotel in central Leipzig, with this budget I would go for the Seaside Park Hotel, the Novotel, The Leipzig
    Marriott or the Ibis...varying prices but they are all in the central area close to the Hauptbahnhof.
  • Third, I would book my flight with a budget airline (and then manage my baggage weight) with either Easyjet or Air Berlin from
    Gatwick or Stanstead (depending on the lowest price). I would book the car park at the airport at the same time.
  • Fourth, I would book the train from Berlin to Leipzig so I knew I had a seat
  • Fifth, I would read as much as I could on the various sites, print out various details and make myself aware of how to get the
    most out of my trip. I would also post questions if I had any on one of the various forums.
  • Sixth, I would purchase my WGT ticket when they go on sale.
  • Seventh, I would sit back and wait for one of the best weekends of the year
Book a year in advance if you can, I normally book next years room when I leave, if not then book/reserve your
room as soon a possible.
Don't panic!...and don't worry,even the people that book late can get Hotel rooms, you have two choices, watch
all the WGT forums and get yourself a room that is handed back, or be prepared to stay in a Hotel that is located
outside of  the city centre (Leipzig has loads of hotels, if you don't mind the distance you will always find one,
even at this late stage).
Check the official website, but they seem to go on sale about 2/3 months before the next WGT.
If you are flying via Berlin then I strongly recommend that you purchase your Train Tickets to and from Leipzig,
yes it is a gamble, especially if you are flying with a budget airline that may be delayed, however if you want a
seat on the train then you need to book in advance, just like most German rail passengers do. If you don't then
be prepared to stand for an hour and a half. Train Tickets go on sale approximately 3 months before you need
to travel.
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