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If you require the police in an emergency call 110

The telephone number 110 is a free emergency phone number. For this reason it should only be used in case of emergency. Please
understand that in any other case the call will be terminated immediately. If it is urgent the officers will make sure, even while you are
phoning, that the police or the rescue services get to the location as quickly as possible.

When you call the emergency phone number 110 you will be asked the following questions
  • WHAT - What has happened? (Accident, e.g. with casualties, seriousness of the injuries, burglary)
  • WHERE - Where did it happen? (Town / street)
  • WHEN - When did it happen? (Date / time of day)
  • HOW MANY - Number of injured or involved persons
  • WHO - Who is calling? (Your name, your address and telephone number)

For less urgent matters and if you require information please contact the police station responsible in your area or approach a nearby
police officer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have no information about the English speaking capabilities of the Police when you ring. Should you encounter
problems then I advise going straight to the local Leipzig Police Station.
The police station in Leipzig is located to the rear of the Novotel, close to the Ibis Hotel and very close
to the old location of the Darkflower Nightclub. If you walk up Ritterstraße (with the Ibis behind you)
then you will see the police station half way up on the right hand side. There are normally a couple of
police cars parked outside across the road.

Police Leipzig:
+49 341 961 0390
For Fire or Ambulance Emergency ring: 112
Healthcare facilities in Leipzig are excellent, and if you are a citizen of an EU country, you will be entitled to free emergency healthcare
as long as you can produce a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
Non EU citizens are not entitled to free healthcare and additional medical cover is also highly recommended, as should the unforeseen
happen, medical bills can be extremely high. If possible take your medical insurance details to the hospital/clinic if you need medical

Leipzig Medical Emergency Centres
University Hospitals
Liebigstraße 20 (Entrance: Paul-List-Straße)
Telephone 0341 97-17800 or 97-17801

Riebeckstraße 65 (at the corner of Prager Straße)
Telephone 0341 96 36 70
I have provided the name and address of various Embassy's (or representatives) and Consulates that are located in Leipzig. If you
require help it is advised to phone first for a possible appointment, or for more serious matters turn up in person with your passport. If
you have lost your passport I would advise taking as much personal information with you as possible (flight tickets etc) to prove your
  • A full list of Embassies can be found by following this link
  • British Embassy in Berlin can be found by following this link
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