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So over the years I have had quite a few people ask about hiring bikes in Leipzig...this page is for you...

Cycling in Leipzig is quite easy as there are no hills in the city, there are plenty of cycle paths and a large central pedestrian area that
seems to be cycle friendly. Getting around Leipzig to some of the WGT venues may however be a little more difficult, as some locations
are on the outskirts of the city (including the Agra Messepark that is a 30 minute tram journey to the south of Leipzig Hauptbahnhof or a
cycle of approx 7km or 4.5 miles as the crow flys).

The principle cycle hire company in Leipzig is Nextbike

About nextbike
Our idea is as simple as brilliant: No matter where you are at the moment, a nextbike should be available for you to rent: fast, easy, very
reasonable and flexible. Thanks to its combination of an as easy as flexible rental-process and the involvement of our ad-partners
nextbike is able to offer very attractive prices and high availability. Another advantage for our advertising customers is that the nextbikes
catch the eye, can be found in a number of locations and make a congenial impression. nextbikes are also advantageous to the city
and contribute to a healthy and environmentally friendly traffic no extra charge!

nextbike – the bike rental system was established in 2005 in culture city Leipzig. Since this year the heart of the nextbike company is in
Leipzig located. 34 German cities are provided from Leipzig. The City Leipzig offers a lot of culture, traditions and modern lifestyle.
Because of the bicycle friendly infrastructure is Leipzig a great place to explore by bike. In Leipzig are 500 rental bikes on different rental
locations available. The bikes are very comfortable so you can also use the bikes for a longer ride

To rent a bike just call the hotline 030 69205046
A computer voice asks you for the number of the bike you want to rent. After entering the number into your mobile phone you get the
code to open the lock.

The bikes should be returned to an official location. Block one wheel with the lock and shift the numbers. After that call the hotline 030
69205046 and tell us the return location, if necessary.

Official locations
Our bike sharing system offers one-way bike rentals. That means you can return your bike on all official locations and areas. If you
return the bike to non-official locations or areas we will charge you 2 € per kilometer but at least 10 €.  

Locking the bike in order to take a break
Naturally, one can lock the bike at any interval of the journey. The code remains the same during the whole rental period. The nextbike
lock is the same as any other combination lock in that you will need to enter the given combinations to open and close the lock at will.
Just shift the numbers of the lock so that nobody else can open it.

Thanks to its combination of an as easy as flexible rental-process and the involvement of our ad-partners we are able to offer very
attractive prices. The prices vary between the different cities. ares

The rental fare: 1 € per hour and from 5 € per 24 hours
Please notice the prices on the bike.

Service fares of the nextbike company:
We will charge 10 €, if our service team could not found the bike on the said returning location or the said returning point was
inaccurate. The bikes should be returned at an official returning location or area noticeable. Here you will find all official returning
locations and areas.

Return at non-official locations or areas we will charge you 2 € per kilometer but at least 10€.
The equity contribution by damage or theft will be 75 €.

Before you can use the bike rental system we register your personal information once. On following rentals our system will identify you
via your phone number. After your registration you can use the system in all cities and countries. You can rent up to four bikes with one
customer account.

You can pay by credit card or direct debit. When you choose credit card you can use the bike sharing system immediately. The payment
by direct debit will take up to three days. For the examination of your bank information you have to transfer 1 €.  This amount will be
credited directly to your member account. You can register by phone or online

You can find here
The Mercure Hotel Leipzig am Johannisplatz offers cycles to its guests
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