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If you have a question
about Wave Gotik Treffen
or Leipzig, or if you have
new info that will improve
this site then feel free to
email me
I have added a supporting Group page to every page of this website, as most people seem to prefer getting the latest
WGT news via this source. NOTE: It is here that I will post most updates as we get closer to the next WGT.  Feel free to join

New members - Please read this first, thank you
This site is for WGT / Leipzig related news, discussion and comment...other posts will be deleted...spammers will be removed from the
group (apologies, but I dont want this small group just to become another post a video group /advert , there are plenty of them out there
including the wave gotik treffen group that I left because it was full of posts that had nothing to do with WGT)...thanks for joining the
group, I hope you find it useful, see you in Leipzig)
Please note the UK WGT Yahoo group has now been deleted due to very low use